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                    KH-1-1 type electrostatic spinning machine

      An instruction manual    Ji'nan Liang Rui Technology Co., Ltd.



    K Application and operationinstructions of the control program of the electrostatic spinning machine

    Purposeand main technical parameters


         First, the main purpose and scope ofapplication


    Electrostatic spinning method (electrospinning) is akind of high pressure electric field, the polymer solution or melt spinninginto micron to nanometer scale.


    Simple and effective processing technology of fiber,that is, polymer injection. Because the fiber is much thinner than thetraditional method, the diameter of the fiber is usually tens to thousands ofnanometers, and the fiber surface can form a lot of micro structure, which hasa strong adsorption capacity and good filtration, barrier property, thermalinsulation and so on. These special properties are similar to the structure ofwoven fabric made by electrospinning, and more close to the structure of theorganism. Therefore, it is especially suitable for biomedical applications suchas biological membranes, wound coating materials, hemostatic materials,artificial blood vessels, drug and gene delivery, tissue engineering scaffolds,etc..


    Applications: biopolymer, general polymer, pre polynanometer fiber preparation; preparation of polymer blend nanofiber; with nanopores, nano particle, nano pearl on structure surface or film.


    Two, basic structure


    This machine is made up of: 1, high voltage powersupply, 2, propulsion pump, 3, scanning frame, 4, collecting drum, 5, box andbox of a variety of collecting device, 5 parts





    1, highvoltage power supply:


    Apositive high voltage power supply (right)). High voltage power supply isintroduced into the box, and the positive pressure is added to the nozzlethrough two small crocodile clips.

    1, highvoltage power supply:


    Apositive high voltage power supply (right)). High voltage power supply is introducedinto the box, and the positive pressure is added to the nozzle through twosmall crocodile clips (which are charged, usually 15-30kv).


      High-voltage power supply                                  




      2,propulsion pump:

       Located in theright side of the box (see Figure 1).



    Propulsion pump on the stepper motor (Y axis) in thecomputer control, through the screw drive, so that promote the rod forward, thesolution through the pump tube into the nozzle (when the spinning speed is veryslow, about 0.001 - 0.005mm/s, because the polymer solution in the nozzle ischanged into a "digestion process" is very slow, pushing too fast todigest, the solution is easy to drop off pollution samples). While the sampleor the replacement of the new solution, the need to promote the rapid retreat.Method is

    Use "manual high speed reverse.


    3, scanning rack: located in the upper left of the case

        The scan rackis controlled by the computer and can be moved to and fro, which can be setaccording to their own needs (speed and distance), and the main technicalparameters are three

    4, collecting drum: located at the bottom left of thechassis


             (  Collect drums (see main technical parametersthree)


    5,chassis: divided into two parts, the above is the incubator 700X700X700 (mm),,the following is part of the control circuit, a tachometer, temperaturecontrol, tc55 programming controller, high voltage power supply, governor offive parts.


                     Tachometer andtemperature control table


                            TC55programming controller

    Variouscollecting device for box and box:


    Becausefrom the nano ribbon charged, collecting device must be grounded or otherwisenegatively charged liquid will not be attracted. Note: collecting device withnegativeThree, the main technical parameters

    Item parameters

    High voltage power supply voltage 0-50KV (Chang Yongzheng15-30kv, negative 1-3kv)

    Mm 0.6-1.6 (8# or 9#) in diameter.

    Nozzle scanning (moving) speed mm/min 0.1-100

    Liquid propulsion speed mm/min 0.0001-1

    Collecting drum (wheel, rotating frame and artificialblood vessel collector, etc.) speed 200-1400rpm

    Temperature range Rt-80

    Temperature control accuracy 1

    Power supply 220V, 380V

    Weight 90 Kg

        Reference: forexample, with 20ml syringe, the propulsion speed of about 0.001 mm/min.

         Accessorieslist of electrostatic spinning machine

        1, (syringe)propulsion pump: 1.

       Propulsion pump(located on the right side of the case), and push the 1-5 syringe under thecomputer control. The syringe is tentatively scheduled for 4 kinds of 2ml, 5ml,10ml and 20ml. When used with appropriate syringe sets.

          2,programming controller (TC5520)

          3, DC high voltage special power supply(Dalian)

    Output voltage 0-50kV, output current 0 - 2mA, outputpower: 0-0.3kW.

         The voltagecan be adjusted continuously, from the 5%100% rated input voltage: single-phase220V + 10% 50Hz + 10%

         Display modevoltage meter is 4 bit LED digital tube display, the current meter is 3 or 4bit half LED digital tube display.

         Displayaccuracy: voltmeter 0.1V 1mA.

         Display error:voltmeter = 1% + 1 = 1% + word current table 1 words.

        4, collectingdevice:

         A, metal platedevice: stainless steel 1.                                 B, collectingtube: diameter 108mm length 230mm stainless steel tube 1 (electric spinningbox).

        5, parts ofmetal needle (spinnerets): diameter of 0.5-1.6mm specifications for a varietyof biomedical metal needles of each 10; so 3mm PTFE tube nozzle 10 sets;coaxial core / shell structure of two points 10 sets of nozzle.

        6, insulationbox, 1. Installed in the upper part of the spinning machine. Long width andheight =700x700x700 mm, stainless steel frame structure, the box epoxy board,box outside the stainless steel plate.


    7, thefront is tempered glass door.


       TC55 programmingcontroller


            One, thesoftware interface of the control program of the static spinning machine



    1, automatic execution: the implementationof programming

        2, manual operation: manual implementationof X, Y axis is rotating and reverse

        3, program management: Programming

        4, parameter setting: setting speed andforward distance and the position of the limit switch


                             Manual operation interface

        1, manual speed: linear motion

        2, point operation: point movement

        3, return to zero: return to the origin

        4, return to zero: return to the origin

    See TC55

        8 operating instructions

        (1) temperature regulation in the box

        Set the heating temperature, according tothe required temperature and the choice of the number of heating lamps (1/4open, half open, and so on). When the temperature is constant, the propulsioncan be turned on and the spinning operation is carried out.

        (2) speed regulator

        According to the instrument panel on the speedknob, according to the instrument panel on the direction of the knob, to theclockwise or counterclockwise rotation, adjustable speed.

       (3) high voltage power supply

        When the toggle high voltage DC powersupply panel from zero to + 50kV voltage knob, on the left side of the panel"voltage display", "current" box shows the current voltage,current value, this value for electrospun need to set the main parameters.

        (4) open the electrostatic spinningapparatus control program, the program input, start the program, the view ofthe X, Y, after the cessation of exercise.

        (5) close the toughened glass door, turn onthe high voltage DC power supply, open the electrospinning control program tocarry on the spinning. This machine has automatic protection device (the dooropen - door closed off electric power)

        (6) note

        1 when the power spinning operation, it isforbidden to cut off the high voltage DC power supply and open the toughenedglass door, hand in hand contact with the metal wire and the metal aluminumfoil below, causing high voltage DC power to the human body. Does the jobbecause of electric spinning need and not cut off the high voltage DC powersupply, must with toggle insulator metal needle below aluminum thin.

        2 electrical machinery work abnormal,should immediately turn off the high voltage DC power supply and checked by aprofessional and technical personnel, troubleshooting before the normal work ofelectric spinning.

        3 0~+50kV voltage regulation, by the firstknob counterclockwise to the end (to the 0 position), and then clockwise toadjust to the required voltage.


    4 electric spinning box at the top of thepropeller changing electro spinning solution, you must close the good highvoltage DC power supply.

        5 when the high voltage DC power supply,press the "stop" button on the right side of the high voltage DCpower supply panel, press the "power" button on the high voltage DCpower supply, and turn off the high voltage DC power supply. When necessary,desirable under three-phase socket high voltage DC power supply and electricsocket on the right side in the middle of textile machinery.


       Users in the correct use of the rules, fromthe use of 1 years, the electrostatic spinning machine for manufacturing qualityand can not work properly, the company free of charge for the user repair. 1years after the additional cost of the Buddha and the Buddha artificial.


    This machine has to leave the window, canbe carried out video and collection, (ccD+ micro system zoom) users can becustomized.


    Ji'nan Liang Rui Technology Co., Ltd.



                                        November12, 2015














    電   話:  0531-88734629


    杜經理  18615230790     13616403765




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